Great music man! Great tunes and such warm renditions. I love your musical universe … it’s so fresh and creative ...And keep the music fires burning bright. You know why? Simply because you can! And do it so well.
— Chick Corea

Acclaim for Shifting Borders

The first role of really great swing violin is there AIN’T ANY RULES and Dave Kline truly invents his own on his most recent recording. To the novice ear violinists are compared to their predecessors but, to the trained ear, adept violinists explore the continental drifts and divides. Dave Kline is a violin virtuoso who transcends genres from old-timey fiddling to waltz time to gypsy jazz and finally fusion. But don’t take my word for it. Go and find out for yourself.
— Harry Schnipper, Executive Director, Blues Alley, Washington DC
If Down Beat was doing a piece on Dave Kline they would probably consider him in the ‘beyond’ part of their ‘jazz, blues and beyond’ mantra. Kline, a violinist, essentially plays any kind of music where jamming is permissible. Funk, bluegrass, calypso, Brazilian jazz… earthy stuff. Kline is an improvised musician and that’s just about the size of it. But improvise he does, and he’s got serious chops. Beyond jazz, but with definite grasp of its core ideals, and able to swing and groove with the best of them. It puts Kline in a good position to have his CD release party at Blues Alley—a place that is also very much interested in the ‘beyond’ of jazz.
— Michael J. West, Washington City Paper
Shifting Borders leads with a clear message that Kline is all about prodigious music, strong melodies, and infectious rhythms.
— All About Jazz
….Each song is a kaleidoscopic collection of shifting moods, like taking different side streets in a bazaar…. an exotic journey of fusion and folk….. mix exotic Iberian flavors with rocking guitar solos and exciting rhythmic drives, while Kline himself bows with a rich vibrato and melodicism like a modern Stephane Grappelli. This is a guy to check out in concert.
— George W. Hams, Jazz Weekly
Indulging his love of world jazz, you’ll hear echoes of all the cats that grabbed your attention, fiddling his way into your heart along these lines, but you’ll also hear a singular voice that knows how to express itself. A world jazz violin tour de force, this cat could have been a critical part of even Leonard Cohen’s next tour if Cohen wasn’t reaching for Marianne’s hand. Hot stuff throughout.
Terrific electric/acoustic ethnic fusion jazz group that seamlessly integrates elements of flamenco, Irish, klezmer, eastern folk & gypsy mixed with R&B augmented by a Latin undercurrent, and it all works!
— Tom McMCarter,
Shifting Borders is a cocktail that embraces the music of multiple cultures and merges them
together into a melodic brew.
— Blog Critics
Violinist Dave Kline is pushing the contemporary voice of strings to new heights, while maintaining a sophisticated yet approachable city sound. Kline’s original compositions are intricate and push the violin as a lead instrument in an ensemble setting, assertively bending the borders of undiscovered territory with great result.
— Geannine Reid, All About Jazz
Dave Kline Band was in search of an urban sound, and it seemed odd that they could achieve such with a violin playing a predominant role in the soundscape…..Kline’s playing is avant-garde and confident. With “Shifting Borders,” Kline wanted to display his worldview. Through music, and more specifically, the qualities of the violin, Kline sought to show how quickly the world changes, and to symbolize his world travels. By playing the violin in a way that challenges what listeners think about the instrument, Kline does exactly that.
— Dodie Miller-Gould, LemonWire

Acclaim from Musicians

The Dave Kline Band’s latest record is “best-ever” for me. I’ve been listening to Dave’s music for a long time and was very happy to hear the evolution of sound that emits from every track. Everything from the melodies, grooves, soloing, production has a super-quality vibe - world class!!! WORLD FUSION!! The aesthetics of the music are rooted in jazz and classic fusion, but go way off into a “world music” genre. From track to track your “ears” are taken all around the music world, even greatly challenged by the “Mahavishnu-esque” melody and groove I had to replay numerous times. I am an artist and musician with very seasoned listening. I am not this impressed very often, for whatever it’s worth. Congrats and thank you for your art!!
— Dave Tourjé, California Locos and Los Savages Band
Daring and exciting, Kline takes you on a journey as far and wide as his musical influences. Shifting Borders is not an elusive chase it’s a declaration. Genres and ethnicity will meet, fall in love and have many happy children. A DNA smorgasbord that feeds all our senses and connects us through the unique voicing of a fiery violin. Buckle-up it’s gonna be a great ride.
— Lynn Véronneau, Award Winning Vocalist

Fans rave about the Dave Kline Band:

"One of the most talented human beings I know. Dave put on such a tremendous show. BRAVO!" - Glen Marsocci

"Great evening!!! People wouldn't let [the Dave Kline Band] stop playing."

"[Dave] has a great band and he is an amazing musician."

"Dave is awesome. Totally digging it."

"Just wanted to reaffirm how delightful it was to hear [the Dave Kline Band] again."

"Gig report. Amazing talent [Dave Kline] and band! Great turnout!"

"We had such a great time and I think [Dave] is the most amazing violinist ever! But it was very exciting to hear how much my husband was blown away by [his] talent!"

"The music was fabulous!"

"You guys just ripped at the Cauldron. Ain't no chords left in the world. You shredded 'em. Hope to be at the Hamilton."

"Amazing performance.....Bravo!

International Acclaim from JazzQuad

This is an international [album] where everyone perfectly understands each other and works together harmoniously, bringing listeners art, full of positive emotions.
— Leonid Auskern
If Life’s Little Mysteries was an LP it would be crackly sounding by now from the number of times I’ve played it. Dave’s guitar work and violin work are lovely but the compositions are remarkable. Dave works through many different styles and yet the musical personality remains intact throughout. BRAVO!
— John C. Jordan, John Jordan Electric Violins and Music Services
I love Life’s Little Mysteries for its great tunes and such warm renditions. I love Dave’s musical universe. It’s so fresh and creative and so Dave.
— Chick Corea
I don’t often review jazz albums, not because I don’t like jazz, but because I find so few jazz albums that can successfully navigate the slender space ‘between been done before cocktail jazz’ and ‘too-far-out-for-comfort wall of noise’. Yet Life’s Little Mysteries accomplished this musical tightrope trick with style and verve. Dave Kline, the session leader, plays steel and nylon stringed acoustic guitars as well as acoustic and electric violins. He accomplishes this quadruple threat with great style and impeccable tone.

All musical compositions on the disc were written by Dave Kline. They run the gamut form Latin inflected sambas such as “Tropical Bo[p]” to modal melodies like “Life’s Little Mysteries” with a side trip down to the delta on “Fiddlin’ the Blues.” What I like most about Kline’s music is that it has drive without being hard-edged, and is musically inventive without losing track of the song’s core melody and structure.

Engineered by Bob Dawson, Kline’s co-producer, and mastered at Airshow Mastering in Boulder, CO, the sound on this CD is first-class. Even with the mixture of acoustic and electric instruments the overall sound remains natural, open, and very real.
— Steven Stone, Vintage Guitar Magazine

Acclaim for Dave Kline

[Veronneau’s Joie De Vivre - Joy of Living] begins with the engaging “La Mer,” known to English-speaking audiences as the Bobby Darin hit “Beyond the Sea,” and reprised in Kevin Spacey’s 2004 film by the same name. Lynn Véronneau sings the original Charles Trenet lyrics in French and Dave Kline’s violin adds a touch of gypsy jazz...Guest musicians British violinist Dave Kline and internationally respected Canadian saxophonist Jeff Antoniuk add color and depth to the album and appear in selected concerts.
— CBC Music

Acclaim for the Dave Kline Band

I love the band’s electrifying sound. Dave captivates audiences and leaves them wanting more.
— Lynn Veronneau of Veronneau (6-time WAMMIE award winners)
Every member of the Dave Kline Band is a consummate performer. The musicianship is first-class, the music invigorating, creative and crowd-pleasing, and best of all, it’s very clear that the band enjoys performing together–which speaks volumes to the listening audience. Great stuff.
— Colleen Holt, Field National Event Specialist
The band sounded great and the turnout was outstanding! What a great night! The Dave Kline Band has great fans and the music was brilliant. Looking forward to more of their gigs at Gypsy Sally’s in 2016!
— Karen and David Ensor, Owners of Gypsy Sally's