Listen to New Music from the Dave Kline Band on Castathetic

This is going to blow your mind!

"This is going to blow your mind. It's incredible!" said Keaton Beus as he opens his show Castathetic featuring the Dave Kline Band. With a knack for highlighting the best of the band, Keaton explores new territory to understand the evolution of the Dave Kline Band sound. 

On this episode, you will hear an exclusive sneak preview of the band's newest tune of their upcoming album.

Keaton gets intimate with the band as we hear why music is so important to Etu Dieng and Fernando Mojica. Dive deep into the past to hear the inspiration behind Dave Kline's hit song "Gypsy". Learn about Dave's life traveling as a musician with an Irish rock band and his life in London during the 1960's. 

Listen to the Dave Kline Band on Castathetic

I love the sense of constantly evolving the [Dave Kline Band] has about your songs. It’s beautiful.
— Keaton Beus, Castathetic

Hear More New Music at Gypsy Sally's on July 9

Join the Dave Kline Band at Gyspy Sally's on July 9 to hear more new tunes from their highly anticipated forthcoming album. 

Special thanks to Keaton Beus, Ken Barnum and Mark Reiter at Bias Studios.

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