Dave Kline Band Headlines at the Virginia Music Adventures Gala at the Wolf Trap at the Barns

Friday, February 24, 2017: Dave Kline Band Headlines at the Virginia Music Adventures Gala at Wolf Trap at the Barns

For over 37 years, Virginia Music Adventures (VMA) has been developing music and culture with exceptional young musicians. VMA teaches young area musicians the rhythms and articulation of jazz in preparation for performances locally and around the world on international good will tours, frequently coordinated with the US Department of State. They have approximately 50 young musicians ranging in age, which includes four jazz bands and a full 18 piece big band called the Annandale Jazz Ambassadors. Last year, they went to Cuba offering performances, workshops, and cultural exchange programs to local youth, the elderly, and the general public.

Annandale Jazz Ambassadors in Cuba (2016)

Annandale Jazz Ambassadors in Cuba (2016)

Each year the VMA invites a top musician to perform with them at their annual gala performance. According to the VMA, "Connecting these young musicians with Dave Kline is one of the most exciting opportunities VMA has to offer. A guest musician who uses the world’s great and varied musical traditions to inform his own music meets with a program whose goal is to educate their students in as many cultures as possible through music and travel."

For this opportunity, the Annandale Jazz Ambassadors will join Dave Kline to perform two original compositions. The first is a Vietnamese inflected composition, which will receive its premiere at the gala, followed by one of his Middle Eastern compositions. The big band will present these pieces in Vietnam and Dubai (respectively) later this year. Following these collaborations, Dave Kline will perform a full set with the Dave Kline Band: Brit Dave Kline (electric violin), Colombian-American Fernando Mojica (electric guitar), Haitian-American Jon Laine (drums), and Senegalise Etu Dieng (bass guitar). 

The gala will be held at the Barns at Wolf Trap on Friday, February 24th.  The show is at 9:00 PM and tickets are $25. For tickets to the gala or the Dave Kline Band performance, please visit this link

dave kline band wolf trap barns

Friday, Februay 24, 2017
Dave Kline Band at
Virginia Music Adventures'
14th Annual Gala
9:00 PM
The Barns at Wolf Trap
1635 Trap Road Vienna, VA, 22182
(703) 255-1900